Media education for human rights
Erasmus+ 2018-2020

Karpos with GVC Gruppo di Volontariato Civile , the Municipality of Bologna and a network of European Ngos, are launching the #MigraTed project in five member Countries of the European Union. Involving teachers, young students and workers, citizens and refugees in a digital awareness raising campaign aiming to promote cultural diversity, inclusion and hospitality in Europe.

MigratED - Final International Multi-Stakeholder Conference

In occasion of the international day of conscience, WeWorld organises the final multi-stakeholder conference of the MigratED project, in collaboration with the partners from the 5 countries involved: Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal and Cyprus.

The event is an opportunity to enhance debate and confrontation on complex themes of Global Citizenship Education, Social inclusion and Digital Education. By disseminating good practices and challenges emerged during the 3 years of MigratED, and involving speakers from all the partner countries, active in the European, national and local contexts, the conference aims to be an occasion of intercultural dialogue among institutions, NGOs, experts, educational actors at all levels.

See the full program here.
To watch the conference online find more info here.


The project started in 2018 with the online survey «Immigration and Human Rights Issues in Education through the Use of New Technologies». Our goal was the mapping of the needs on the part of teachers and educators. The next phase included a 5day training (LTTA) in Bolognia where selected administrators and teachers from all the participant countries were trained. Based on this training the greek training module was designed, co-edited by Karpos and Action Aid of Greece.

During the school year 2019-2020, Karpos collaborated with 5 High Schools of Attica, and with the support of teachers and school's directors, students created the outputs of the project: 5 short documentaries enriched with researches, compositions, media exercises etc.

Media workshops

of 4 hours each for every classroom, with storytelling techniques, images and sound.

Student research

on local immigration stories and characters with intercultural past and present.

Compositions, interviews, poems

under the title "Thoughts for an immigrant leaving his/her country"

Documentaries workshops

with the participation of 8-15 students, in each of the 5 collaborating schools.


KARPOS before, after but also during the lockdown concluded the offline and online shootings and the editing of the student documentaries. These short films have as their theme identity, migrants' human right, solidarity etc.

You can watch here the documentaries created by some greek schools of Attica but also the ones created by the partner countries of the program.

Watch also the greek videos in our YOUTUBE channel.

A trailer of one of the videos that the students created about the lockdown during the lockdown



The video "During the Lockdown" created by the 1st Junior High School of Avlona and by Karpos was presented and discussed in the online conference of the Council of Europe and UNESCO "FROM MAKING STUDENT VOICE HEARD TO ACTIVE CIVIC PARTICIPATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE" as a Good Practice.
The MigratED project was awarded as a best practice from the LLLAwards 2020 "Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies", an initiative promoted by the Lifelong Learning Platform to celebrate creative and inclusive educational practices, giving them visibility in order to attract public attention on lifelong learning as well as to inspire new practices and policies. MigratED was selected in the category "Learning that empowers - the future of learning".

You can register to watch the LLLAwards Ceremony that will take place during the LLLWeek Launch event on Monday, November 30th from 15.00 onwards (see programme and register here). The event is public.