Analysing Hate Speech

2 hours
racism and discrimination, Human Rights, Campaign Strategies
examples of hate speech, cartons, glue, markers

The participants are split into teams and each team got a real hate speech example. Each team is asked to design their own ‘tree of problems’. The participants brainstorm and write down on post-it notes what they think that the results from this hate speech example can be. They draw a tree and place the results at the top branches. Then, by continuously asking themselves ‘why do you think this is happening’, they place post-it notes all the way down to the roots of the tree. On the roots they place the post-its with the underlying (sometimes hidden) causes of hate speech. In the end all teams present their trees and discuss.

Each group chooses one of the causes that they put on the roots of their tree (for example lack of empathy) and they try to present it visually with a photo that they took.

It is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.