Media for Inclusion
ERASMUS+ 2019 - 2021

Karpos is part of the european project Speak Up-Media For Inclusion which answers the needs of today’s society for a smooth integration of young refugees/migrants to their host countries through the use of audiovisual production and media literacy. Τhe project is implemented by 6 organizations across 5 different European countries: ERIM and Réseau Raje, both French organizations, will be leading the project working together with FORMA.Azione (Italy), NextStep! (Hungary), Common Frames (Netherlands) and Karpos (Greece).

Here you can check out the European site of the program.


"How are the refugees presented by the media in Greece"

Friday 26/11 - 6pm-8pm - Cultural Center "Melina"
In this discussion will be presented the Manifesto for the Media that was created within the program. This Manifesto was compiled last year by 20 subject matter experts from 5 European countries. Contains tips for a more inclusive presentation and social inclusion of mobile populations. The presentation of the Manifesto will be followed by a discussion with journalists who deal with the issue and will present what is happening in the Greek media from their own point of view.

"Speak Up Screenings"

Saturday 11/27 - 5:45pm-8pm - Ethnofest, ASTOR Cinema
11 short films by young creators aged 14 to 29, refugees, who tell their story, express their feelings and dreams. The films are a product of the educational process in which the participants were introduced to the audiovisual production by Karpos, within the European program Speak Up-Media For Inclusion. The screening will be attended by some of the filmmakers to share their experience and chat with the audience.

"Speak Up-Masterclass"

How to create videos with mobile populations
Sunday 28/11 - 11am-1pm - Cultural Center "Melina"
Approaches, difficulties and improvisations through the workshops of Karpos with young and new refugees. You will also have the opportunity to chat with some of the creators of the films produced during the workshops. To register, fill in the form The workshop is aimed mainly at content creators, social media campaigners, educators and educators, NGO partners who want to gain further knowledge about audiovisual production.

"Exhibition #livingtogether"

What does the word "coexistence" mean for the young refugees living in Europe today?
Friday 6pm and until Sunday 3pm - Cultural Center "Melina"
The distinguished photos from the competition organized in the framework of the Speak Up-Media For Inclusion project will be exhibited. Young immigrants and refugees in Europe for the last 5 years photograph what it means to them and how they feel about #livingtogether. The competition was held in the 5 countries participating in the program: Hungary, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy and France.


Webinar for educators

On November 13, 2020 we implemented a webinar for 27 teachers and trainers. The purpose of this webinar was to train them in media literacy and video making. This training was divided into 2 hours, in the first hour we focused on the media literacy part using as a tool the award-winning workshop ''An object in 5 ways". This workshop was the first to be held online and from the reactions of the participants we saw that the transition to the online form was successful.

In the second hour of the training using the short documentary Portrait Day (2019, directed by Maria Leonida) we examined the following:
-the construction of an audiovisual creation
-the relationship between the creativity and the intentions of the creator and the feelings and thoughts of the viewer
-how a shot can promote the story
-how a short film can be designed to be shot in a short amount of time
-presentation and selection of data from the guide for creating short films by our partners in the program from the Netherlands Common Frames.

Onine audiovisual workshops for recently arrived migrants

For more information ask at: info@karposontheweb.org or call 2130435978


For more information ask at: info@karposontheweb.org or call 2130435978


Best Practises

During the first phase of the program, best practices were collected from every organization depending on their specialty for the implementation of the workshops.


The purpose of these workshops is to train young and newly arrived refugees and migrants in audiovisual production and media literacy (creation of films/video, podcasts etc) in order to help them integrate more smoothly into the new society in which they live.

Ithaka International Film and Media Festival

The project will be concluded with the Ithaka International Film and Media Festival (Netherlands) with parallel events happening across the 5 countries of the project together with the launching of an Instagram photography contest. The audiovisual works of the young refugees will be presented, during the Ithaka International Film and Media Festival and the parallel festivals across the 5 countries.

Audiovisual Guide

During the project 2 International Expert Meetings will take place discussing topics on issues of migrants/refugees and audiovisual media in order to publish a guide which will help journalists and media professionals, who produce material on those groups.