Karpos uses its educational methodology to organize corporate events and seminars. Over the past 2 years, it has designed and implemented many workshops with different goals on behalf of large multinationals and pharmaceutical companies. These goals include Digital Enhancement, Personalized audiovisual workshops for employees to express ideas, thoughts and suggestions as well as Corporate Social Responsibility.


The age of new technologies, whether they concern social media or corporate systems/applications embedded in the daily routine of employees, has naturally brought many changes in business structures and processes. Corporate education/training aims at one or more of the following:

  • Solving problems caused by the implementations of the latest technologies
  • Familiarity with new ways of communication in the business, following company’s guidelines
  • Development of employee skills
  • Reinforce teamwork and collaboration among staff /executives
  • Creative engagement between employee and company as also between different groups /departments

  • What is the value of communication through the image? What is the power of a clear message? Can we draw useful conclusions from our clients' social media profiles? Can we create an action plan based on technological tools? How can we built relationship through content?

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    1nd Application


    It involves experiential seminars that either aim to familiarize participants with social media tools or enhance skills related on technology tools provided by the company.

    In the first case, the participants examine through different actions how different channels of communication offered by the internet (websites, social media, email, infographics, online porfolios) can be transformed into a "multi tool" for their work.

    In the second case, personilised and creative actions (edutainment) are planned based on the technological application that employees are called upon to join in their work. The goal is to actively support themselves, express their thoughts and fears and of course generate ideas for optimizing their own corporate applications.

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    2nd Application


    Audiovisual communication programs that Karpos has been developing all its years of activity, are also enhancing corporate training. Sound and image open a window of expression where participants through narrative structures come into contact with issues that concern their daily routine.

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    3nd Application


    We support corporate initiatives wishing to implement innovative projects where new media, image, sound and stories meet group action for a social purpose.