Tools & Awareness about Disinformation, Algorithm and Media

TADAM –Tools & Awareness about Disinformation, Algorithm and Media is a program organized by 9 partner-organizations from European Countries(Média Animation in Belgium, Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, University of Florence in Italy, το Tampere University in Finland, Paul Valéry University of Montpellier in France, lCS Institute of Communication Studies in North Macedonia, το IFJ – the International Federation of Journalists, International Media Education Association and Karpos in Greece).

TADAM aims at raising awareness on the importance of media literacy and the use of the Artificial intelligence algorithms for targeting disinformation, in order to promote a critical and responsible use of digital media.  the exchange of good practices and the design of educational resources specifically related to the issue of the impact – both positive and negative – of artificial intelligence and algorithms in the media, the production of information and its reception by the public.




1. Κick off Meeting

A major meeting seminar of the organisations will be held on the 12th and 13th June in Louvain-la-Neuve. The main objective of the meeting is to identify the special topics that the programme will address, to reflect and define the appropriate methodology for the next stages. The topics that will be addressed in the meeting are the following:
  • • Literacy in Artificial Intelligence
  • • The political manipulation and the prejudice regarding Artificial Intelligence
  • • The influence in Journalism and employability
  • • The social use of Artificial Intelligence
These topics will be addressed regarding the aspect of creativity, inclusivity and equality, and from the perspective of ethics.

2. Workshops

The next phase of the programme is decentralised and will be realised in each parter programme country. Workshops will be conducted in each organisation in Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Finnland, N. Macedonia and elsewhere in Europe. The idea is to collect best practices, regional resources and innovative ideas in topics regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms in the process of information production and disinformation.

3. Online Workshop

Hoping to create a community for direct exchange of ideas at the European level, TADAM will offer an online workshop aimed at collecting results, data and resources. There will be additional online meetings in this direction.

4. Μedia Educathon Event

At the end of 2025, an international event of the program will be implemented in the form of the creative Media Educathon. This major training event will be dedicated to educators, educators, journalist educators, etc., to jointly plan activities and the outline of upcoming educational actions that will address the impact of artificial intelligence and algorithms on the production and intake of information .