Erasmus+ 2019-2021

Women in the Media is a European project that aims to empower women and make the tv and film industry more accessible to them. Karpos is one of the 7 partners in the project and the rest are: EU15 Ltd και το Filmworks Trust from UK, το le LABA from France, το Business & Professional Women CR from the Czech Republic, το Eesti People to People from Estonia και η Arte Urbana Collectif from Bulgaria. 


Research & Questionnaire

for the mapping of the situation in each country concerning the needs and problems that women have when they try to access the film and tv industry.

Good practices Guide & Trainings

created by the collection of data from every country in order to support and inspire new female filmmakers. More here

Οnline platform

which will help further their access in the industry, its content will be based on the trainings of the project.


with women in the tv & film industry talking about their experience. Our goal with these interviews is to inspire and guide young female filmmakers through their example.
"Nevertheless, they should know that there is a lot of competition. If a filmmaker is starting out it is better for her to experiment first on her own, with smaller in scale scripts for start, to see what is her narrative perspective, her editing preferences, how it is to direct an actor and to not be disappointed if her first attempt doesn’t work, it is part of the process."

Read the full interview here.

"I hope film education will be introduced into schools more consistently, in order to create a more educated audience that will love cinema as an Art early on and will recognize Greek cinema."

Read the full interview here


A mapping of the needs and problems that women face when they try to access the film and tv industry was done by all partners during the first phase of the project. The online questionnaire aimed at: mapping the access to information concerning education and finding work, the possibilities of networking and what they would like to be included in the training. You can see the questionnaire here.

Just to cite some results of the survey: It seems that a big percentage of women that want to work or are already working in the industry, wish for a training that combines theory and practice and at the same time there is a more apt connection between research and the professional field ( 49% mentioned the above as their needs). A big percentage indicated the need for networking. Finding work comes up first as the biggest difficulty women face (34%) that is due to lack of job offers and job announcements. In these responses the need for networking comes back as a need in order to find work in the field. The answer to the question if they had experienced gender based discrimination, is yes (77%).

In general the biggest issues that came out of the survey can be summed up to the following:
  • connection between theory and practice
  • how the job market is structured in this field
  • finding funding for audiovisual productions
  • gender based discrimination and gender parity

    After the completion of the survey in the 5 european countries that are part of the project, our partners at Le LABA (France), by collecting data from each country will create a guide that will help and inspire female filmmakers to learn more about their field, in terms if which are the tools for networking that they can use in order to achieve their goals and finally to be inspired from examples of women that succeded in the field.

    After the guide, trainings will follow in each country within the year 2020-2021, that will be crerated based on the data above in order to cover the needs of women who want to enter the field.


    All the above will lead to the creation of an online platform that will help further in their access to the industry. Its content will be based on the training of the project. In the end a multiplier event will be held in each country in order to present all the above.


    We have decided to conduct several interviews with womedn that are active in the film and tv industry so that they can talk to us about their experience in the field and hopefully to inspire and guide new filmmakers through their work. We invite you to join the facebook group of the project and be part of the conversation.