Creative Europe 2014-2020

The project aims at enhancing and exchanging best cinema literacy practices among experienced institutions (British Film Institute, Danish Film Institute, Vision Kino, La Cinematheque Française) and countries of central, east and south Europe.

2-day event on Film Education, part of the project Film Education: From Framework to Impact

Film Education: What would be necessary and possible in the field of Film Education on a national scale?

Through workshops of film analysis and talks with Greek and foreigner professionals of the field, we hope to open and spread the conversation about film education entering the national curriculum.

The 2-day event was streamed live on both days for everyone that couldn't be with us in the room.



Film Education MOOC: a free online course

A free online seminar about film education.

4 weeks online training on media literacy and film education hosted by the Future Learn platform. The platform run for 6 weeks.


Explore different ways of delivering film education from across Europe. The topics are:

  • Defining film education
  • Choosing, watching, talking about film
  • Analyzing film
  • Making film
  • Pre-school settings
  • Access and resources
  • Cinema, archive and film festival settings
  • National strategies, structures and models
  • Evaluating impact

    Created by BFI (British Film Institute), La Cinematheque Française, Danish Film Institute, Vision Kino with the participation of Karpos and other european partners.